Mistakes we make when grieving

We make mistakes when we don’t know what we are doing.

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The sky the day of his memorial service.
  1. Impulse is not your friend
  2. Losing someone is painful enough, don’t add regret to the mix.
  3. We don’t all grieve the same way.

Cleaning can be therapeutic - unless you are grieving.

I went into automatic pilot. I decided that I needed to launder all of his clothes. I washed everything. EVERYTHING. Then I separated out what was good to give away and what was to be thrown out. I really was in some time dimensional warp. I didn’t think about the results of my actions. That came later. I cleared out everything but his shoes. It wasn’t until later that I realized my mistake.

You don’t realize how much scent matters.

We all have our own personal smell. It is this scent you get used to; this smell that is associated with only them. When you do what I did, wash it, give it away, you lose that scent. A scent that is more important than you realize in the early days of grieving.

Student of life; mother, widow, sister, daughter, friend. Writing, photographing and exploring the world around me. Rediscovering life. www.meicanunlimited.com

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